• United Bank of El Paso

    United Bank of El Paso

    By Alvidrez Architecture

  • Contour


    By InDev LLC

  • Prime


    By InDev LLC

  • Power Street Residence

    Power Street Residence

    Starr Design Group Hermosa Beach, CA

  • Avocado Court Apartments

    Avocado Court Apartments

    Public Architecture Escondido, CA Photos: Courtesy of Community Housing Works

  • La Esquina

    La Esquina

    by Hector Perez

  • Vivrette Residence

    Vivrette Residence

    by Rob Wellington Quigley, FAIA

  • Shaw Lopez Park

    Shaw Lopez Park

    by Rob Wellington Quigley, FAIA

  • Delta Farms Equestrian Facility

    Delta Farms Equestrian Facility

    By Wilson Architecture

  • Aguilar Residence

    Aguilar Residence

    by AGL Architechs

  • Casa 8

    Casa 8

    By Heather Johnston Architect

  • Snooze


    Public Architecture San Diego, CA Photos: Courtesy of Public Architecture  

  • Evangelical Formosan Church

    Evangelical Formosan Church

    by AVRP Studios

  • San Diego County Law Library

    San Diego County Law Library

    by Interior Resource

  • Trump Ocean Resort Baja

    Trump Ocean Resort Baja

    by Guerin Glass Architects

  • UCSD Original Student Center

    UCSD Original Student Center

    by Public Architecture

  • Kafka House

    Kafka House

    by Safdie Rabines

  • Casa Familia

    Casa Familia

    by Kevin deFreitas Architects

  • Saint Bartholomew’s Chapel

    Saint Bartholomew’s Chapel

    by Kevin deFreitas Architects

  • Centro De Aprendizaje

    Centro De Aprendizaje

    by sebastian mariscal studio

  • Lofts at Laurel Court

    Lofts at Laurel Court

    by Public Architecture

  • Wiseman Residence

    Wiseman Residence

    by Kathy McCormick + Smith & Others

  • SDG&E Mission Skills

    SDG&E Mission Skills

    by AVRP Studios

  • Riverside Aquatic Complex

    Riverside Aquatic Complex

    by AVRP Studios

  • Casa Familiar

    Casa Familiar

    by Estudio Teddy Cruz

  • enXco


    by Interior Resource, Inc

  • San Dieguito River Park Headquarters

    San Dieguito River Park Headquarters

    by Rinehart Herbst

  • Centre Street Lofts

    Centre Street Lofts

    by Lloyd Russell, AIA

  • The Station

    The Station

    by Lloyd Russell, AIA

  • Rimrock Ranch

    Rimrock Ranch

    by Lloyd Russell, AIA

  • R3 Triangle Building

    R3 Triangle Building

    by Lloyd Russell, AIA

  • Essex Lofts

    Essex Lofts

    Smith & Others in collaboration with Lloyd Russell, AIA

  • Lee Residence

    Lee Residence

    by Public

  • Fuller Residence

    Fuller Residence

    by Interior Resource, Inc

  • Market Creek

    Market Creek

    by Kevin deFreitas Architects

  • St. Croix

    St. Croix

    by Lindsay Brown Studio, Inc